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Lawsuits in Times of COVID-19 – Common Types That Will Peak During This Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been causing dramatic and significant changes in the lives of millions of people all over the world.

However, there is one thing that remains the same – it will never change how people rely on the courts to address disputes. Actually, people might even turn to the courts now more than ever to find answers as to who owes what to whom and who has done wrong.

Lawsuits have started already and so far, it seems like these are only initial waves that indicate the coming of a tsunami.

With the uncertainties hovering on the horizon, it would be better to get some ideas of the different types of lawsuits that might soon pop up everywhere.

Employment or Workplace Lawsuits

Businesses that are considered as nonessential may deal with personal injury suits if their employees came to work and fell ill.

Meanwhile, essential businesses may face legal liabilities if they don’t provide the necessary safeguards for employees. Lawsuits may be filed against companies if they terminate employees who complain about insufficient safeguards.

Lawsuits Against the Educational Institutions

Lawsuits of this kind are considered class actions by the plaintiffs who dispute that schools made a promise to render a service but failed to offer the right funds. There are already several such lawsuits that were filed such as actions against different universities.

Class-Actions Lawsuits

Class-action lawsuits are cases in which a group of plaintiffs gather together in order to file lawsuits against a company and other similar entities with the allegation that damages were caused or fraud was committed. There are already class-action lawsuits that were filed. A good CoinJoin example of this is the suit that 8,000 state employees filed against the state of Alaska. The employees claim that they were exposed to safety and health risks.

Insurance Lawsuits

Insurance lawsuits are lawsuits filed by companies that contend that their insurance agencies wrongfully denied them of covered for losses brought about by the pandemic. One of the early entries to this specific area involves three companies in Milwaukee that sued their insurance companies after their claims were denied under their policies on business interruption.

Lawsuits Against Health Care Companies

Lawsuits of this kind claim that healthcare organizations, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities weren’t able to take necessary steps to keep their staff and patients protected.

The New York State Nurses Association was among the ones who first filed these lawsuits on April 20 where they claimed that the hospitals of the state transformed into petri dishes for the coronavirus. This suit that named two hospitals and the Health Department of the state as the defendants states that nurses didn’t have enough proper safety equipment and were instructed to come back to work even if they were sick.

Lawsuits on Voting Rights

Democratic Party’s lead attorney, Mark Elias, has filed around 20 lawsuits in a total of 14 states that challenge the voting procedures he considers to be too restrictive.

As the coronavirus continues to pose harm to the health of the public, you can expect that lawsuits in relation to its effects will also be piling up pretty soon.